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US Open and WSL

Event Mangement

sales + operations for offsite client


April 2023

September 2021

September 2021, 3 weeks

Off site catering and event planning

created an offsite catering plan for an on site pub group

Attained the prestigious exclusive catering contract for the esteemed WSL and US Open events in 2021, a significant achievement that played a pivotal role in mitigating losses incurred by the pub due to the profound impact of Covid-related lockdowns and regulatory constraints in preceding years. Demonstrated adept adaptability by customizing menus to impeccably align with the specific preferences and requirements of the clients. Innovatively established a state-of-the-art offsite kitchen within close proximity to the shoreline, situated merely 40 feet away from the ocean, seamlessly integrating logistical complexities with environmental considerations. Delivered exceptional culinary experiences to a substantial volume of over 2,000 esteemed guests, successfully orchestrating the preparation and service of premium hot meals spanning a comprehensive three-week period.

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