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Under the Mango Moon

Marketing Event

Sold out within 48 hours of tickets being posted. Sold over 100 additional tickets to support engagement.


April 2023

Golden Road, LA

Glendale, CA

May 11th, 2022

During the biannual Blood Moon

Conceptualized and executed a sophisticated marketing initiative aimed at spotlighting the distinctive attributes of Golden Road's Mango Cart Wheat Ale Beer. With a strategic focus on expanding the brand's reach and captivating a novel demographic, the event was strategically designed to offer attendees an immersive experience that encapsulated the essence of Golden Road's flavor profile. Employing a nuanced approach, a clever juxtaposition was established through the creation of a counter-event, "Under the Mango Moon," strategically hosted during the biannual occurrence of a blood moon. This imaginative occasion positioned Mango Cart as the preferred choice of even extraterrestrial beings, portrayed as harmonious participants seeking to commemorate an interstellar celebration beneath the captivating allure of the celestial mango-themed moon.

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